A LIBERAL Democrat councillor has spoken after winning his party a seat on Southampton City Council for the first time in almost ten years. 

After an eventful night, Cllr Richard Blackman was elected as ward councillor for the Bassett ward. 

With more than 2,000 votes, he is the only Lib Dem to represent the party in the council. 

The new make-up of the council is 26 Labour councillors, 21 Conservatives and one Liberal Democrat.

On his achievement, Cllr Richard Blackman told the Daily Echo: "Lots of thoughts need to be processed, but I am very delighted by the results. 

"I've got many cases and lots of plans in the community to work on. 

Speaking on his campaigning journey, he added: "Our team knocked on thousands of doors and spoke to residents, inquiring what matters to them and what their concerns are. 

"I think Labour and the Conservatives didn't do that and people started to look for a new alternative and wanted to be heard.

When asked about his future plans and expectations, Cllr Blackman said: "I am looking to serve the community and make a difference. I hope I can improve people's lives and be their voice. 

The Bassett ward now has two Conservative councillors and one Liberal Democrat councillor.