A FLORIDA couple say they are ‘blown away’ after an eight-hour wait for a connecting flight turned into a meet and greet with the Prime Minister.

As reported, Boris Johnson visited Southampton Airport alongside Eastleigh MP Paul Holmes.

Mr Johnson bumped into Ronnie and Debbie Strickland from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who were sat in the departures lounge.

The couple, who have been married for 45 years, have been on a 25-day cruise and were waiting for their flight home when the PM arrived.

Debbie, 64, said: "I totally wasn’t expecting this – another lady noticed more security turning up and told us she thought there was a VIP coming through.

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"Then a bunch of people in suits turned up, then you guys [the press] arrived with your cameras, so at that point we knew for sure that something was happening.

"I once saw President Bush get on a helicopter, but have never been able to talk to a president or prime minister before. It really was amazing.’

Ronnie, 69, added: ‘This might be the best layover we’ve ever had, it was a total shock to see the prime minister turn up at a small airport like this.’

Mr Johnson gave an exclusive sit-down interview with the Daily Echo during his visit to the airport.

He claimed the Government would help people "get through" the rise in energy bills.