AN EASTLEIGH resident is calling for more police patrols after he was chased by a knife-wielding gang.

Wasif Zaidi of Argosy Crescent was walking home in the early hours of Wednesday, May 4, when he was threatened at knifepoint by three men asking for money.

The 40-year-old kebab shop owner says he refused to hand over his mobile phone and cash and was chased from Tichborne Road junction to Argosy Crescent.

Mr Zaidi now says he no longer feels safe.

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He said: “A man got out of a car, stood in front of me and asked me for my mobile phone and money.

“Two other men were standing just behind me. I saw I was blocked from behind and one of them had a knife in his hands.

“The one in front said, ‘give me money’ and I passed him and he tried to stab me but I saved myself.

“I didn’t give him anything and I started running and he followed behind me. He then tried to stab me while running.”

Daily Echo: Wasif Zaidi in Arnold Road, Eastleigh Wasif Zaidi in Arnold Road, Eastleigh

Mr Zaidi said he started shouting for help and managed to lose the men, who headed in the direction of Lakeside Country Park.

Police have now launched an investigation to identify the would-be robbers.

However, Mr Zaidi says more needs to be done by the force in the area.

He said: “I don’t feel safe in the dark, my body starts shivering.

“I have been running my business for eight years but now I feel mental because I am checking inside cars, watching behind me, in front of me and to the left and right.

“I am always suspicious. It has changed my life.

“Police are patrolling the high street, but it has cameras and lights, so we don’t need as many police there.

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“We need them on the dark, residential streets. People are smashing cars, windows, and taking people’s belongings.

“There are too many gangs and no lights, no patrols, nothing.”

In response, Hampshire Constabulary say they are “committed” to ensuring residents feel safe in the community.

Temporary Chief Inspector Paul Southam, said: “We fully understand why this level of criminality is concerning to the local public.

Daily Echo: Arnold Road, Eastleigh Arnold Road, Eastleigh

“Our teams are fully committed to identifying and bringing those who are responsible for inflicting this type of misery on the community to justice.

“We want to ensure that residents remain feeling safe in the community.

“Anyone should be able to walk freely through their local areas without risk or fear of being attacked or coming to harm.

“Local officers have been conducting routine patrols in the local area to provide a heightened police presence in the community, giving residents the opportunity to approach officers if they have any knowledge about the incident or any other concerns that they may wish to raise with us.”

According to the force, all crime reports from the area are reviewed on a daily basis.

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This helps them establish relevant lines of enquiries and, where possible, investigate incidents such as this further.

Inspector Southam said: “We want to reassure local residents that we are doing all that we can to identify those responsible and that plans are in place in order to tackle concerns around violent crime, knife-crime, anti-social behaviour and other crime patterns across the Eastleigh District through high-visibility patrols, house-to-house and CCTV enquiries and holding regular beat surgeries in the local community to encourage a two-way conversation with the public.

“We want to make sure that Eastleigh is a safe place to live and work.”

Anyone who saw suspicious activity in the area, or has information which could aid police investigation, is urged to call 101 or report online, quoting 44220174044.