A BUSINESSWOMAN who lost hair due to stress is celebrating two years of helping others.

Kirby Mandziej from Fareham, set up her own haircare brand, Divergent in April 2020 after experiencing her own struggles with hair loss.

The 30-year-old started losing her hair due to stress in 2016 and spent many years trialling different products to help her combat the issue.

As her hair began to grow back, Kirby decided to put her years of research and knowledge to good use in a bid to help others struggling with hair loss.

She said: "I genuinely would say I have spent thousands on hair products over the years, just trying out new things and figuring out what worked and what didn’t.

"It’s been a long journey for me, but one which took a lot of perseverance and an expensive one, so I wanted to pass on everything I know to other people to save them the stress I went through."

Kirby has two main flagship products – the Protein Spray, which helps hair strands to grow stronger, and the Rapid Repair mask, which aids regrowth and helps repair strands.

She also sells other products such as natural masks, shampoos and hair accessories, as well as providing a personalised service to help people through their hair journeys.

"For me it’s not just about selling products and sending people on their way," she said.

"I genuinely care about their journey and want to be a part of it.

"I hold their hand through the process and offer advice in any way I can. I’m not afraid to recommend other products and send people to other companies if I think it’ll help them.

"I’m so passionate about helping people and eventually leaving them with hair that makes them feel really confident. We all deserve that."