Hunted is back, tracking eleven ordinary people, including Abi and Grace from Hampshire.

The contestants are all hoping they can successfully go on the run for 23 days, outrunning an elite team of investigators, to win a share of £100,000.

For the first time in Hunted history, this series started with the fugitives making their escape from an island – the Isle of Wight – under the ever-watchful eye of the hunter helicopter streaming live video direct to HQ.

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Who are Hunted's Abi and Grace Elliott?

Sisters Abi and Grace from Southampton and Hampshire, may look like two peas in a pod but they couldn’t be more different.

Abi an Occupational Therapist is laid back, spontaneous and tomboyish whilst Grace, the eldest, is a Drama Teacher who loves Disney and an excel spreadsheet. She often jokes she has planned her wedding – and she isn’t even engaged!

They often bicker as sisters do but can’t stay angry at each other for long. The one thing they are always in agreement over is their mum and how important she is in their lives.

Having worked for the NHS for more than 40 years she is their inspiration and motivation to go on the run. If they win, they want to use the money to help clear her mortgage.

Grace, 24, lost a lot of weight following the Slimming World programme. Since then, she has become a Slimming World consultant and has been featured on the cover of their magazine twice. She uses her Instagram to promote healthy eating and positive body image.

“ 100% I am looking at making it to the end,” Grace said. “I'm very strong willed and determined person. If I want something, I work my butt off and I will get it. That's just how we've been built. It’s from our parents and it's just definitely rubbed off on us.

“Between us we have five jobs. Yeah, we work hard to get what we want. If we want a nice holiday, we work hard, we put in extra hours. I'm definitely confident in knowing what I've done previously in my life. I can apply to this situation and then I'm going to make it to the end.”

Since 21-year-old Abi left home, the sisters have worried that they might drift apart and so want to rekindle their relationship on the run, at the same time as hopefully winning the money to help their mum.

Grace said: “Abi applied on behalf of both of us and didn't tell me about it until I got a phone call from someone who said your sister Abi has applied to go on the show, and I was like, “Oh, OK. That could be fun.” Never thinking that we'd actually get here. And now here we are.”

Abi added: I've always been a fan of Hunted. I loved the whole premise of the show really. Just how you can see humans really pushed to the extreme. You can see the kindness of human nature and the strangers that help people.

“You get what is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something that we never would do. I mean, I never anticipated I would be a fugitive on the run in my life, and I certainly don't hope I will be again!

“I just think it's amazing to just push yourself to your limit and see the strength that you have. I really just want to know what I'm like: How will I be when I'm pushed to my limits? Who am I? Because I feel like I'll never know myself in that sort of situation.

“So that was why I applied, and I just thought, there's only one person I'd go on with, and that is Grace, so I'll just put her down.

“I know that she's a fan of the show too, and we both like it for the same reasons. I knew all the reasons that I wanted to apply and I thought it would be similar for Grace. I just hoped that she would also see the merit of it enough to want to do it. And she did.”