CLASSIC car petrol heads geared up for Jubilee celebrations with breakfast at a Southampton museum this weekend.

Around 40 cars revved their engines outside Solent Sky Museum on Saturday morning.

Vehicles dating from the Queen's Accession in 1952 were invited to attend the event in Albert Road South.

Visitors lined up to grab a quick selfie alongside vintage cars whilst others enjoyed a hot breakfast.

Alan Jones, 80 said: "I have been involved with British vehicles all my life and we wanted to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. There is not a lot you can do at a static museum, but we thought we can get cars that were on the road when the Queen was crowned.

"This event's attracted quite an attraction and following and I am very pleased with it.

Museum trustee, Richard Little told the Daily Echo: "If you look at modern cars now, they all kind of look the same but in old times people kept on inventing things so all of these cars are innovative and different in their own way.

Richard was 'delighted' to see the visitors with their vehicles. He added: "Look at the care people have taken for their cars, they all are in perfect condition. There is a lot of love that goes into these.

"Nowadays cars have got safer, complex and bigger but the cars I have seen today they are still phenomenally reliable.

"We were worried about getting them up on the kerb but there was no issue at all."

The breakfast event kicked off at 8.30am and visitors also had a chance to explore the museum.

Gosport resident, Michael Schmidt brought a double-decker which Southampton FC toured on after winning the 1976 FA Cup.

Feeling proud, he said: "She has turned 73 this year. I have spent the last two days of my holiday taking her out to other sites.

"And making sure that she is working and ready for the day.

"It's quite an interesting selection of cars down here. Spanning quite an era really."

Also attending was Mirek Synek with his 1960 blue Škoda Octavia. The retired NHS worker recently drove from Southampton to Edinburgh to raise money for Ukraine.

Mirek said: "It feels so good to be surrounded by cars and meet everyone else.

"I have been interested in cars and planes ever since I was a schoolboy, so being here today feels great.

The car enthusiast is aiming to raise £1,000 in aid of Ukraine and so far, has collected more than £800 through a JustGiving page.