A SOUTHAMPTON teenager has scored success after being chosen to represent England’s blind female football team.

Despite only just turning 17, Kaitlyn Clark plays for the Para Lions’ women’s blind team - most recently competing in the IBSA European Championship.

The Thornhill teen has been visually impaired since birth, but this has not stopped her from putting her best foot forward.

Kaitlyn, who has played football since she was nine, said: “Being there on the England team really puts it all into perspective and proves that you can make it.

Daily Echo: Kaitlyn ClarkKaitlyn Clark

“After all the problems I have faced throughout the years, getting on the team makes me feel like I can achieve what I want.

“I think to myself, you have achieved most people’s dreams, as well as your own.’ It has felt really surreal.”

Kaitlyn played football for many years in the city for non-disabled sides, but opportunities to play were often limited.

She says she has frequently been excluded or singled out due to her impairment, and even had to play in pan-disability men’s football.

But she is now taking the football world by storm in the newly-formed team.

Daily Echo: Kaitlyn Clark (bottom right) with the Para Lions teamKaitlyn Clark (bottom right) with the Para Lions team

Kaitlyn said: “The more opportunities that come from this, the better I can get.

“The more experiences we, as a team, are going to get and the places we are going to travel to is just amazing.”

Kaitlyn’s mum Bekie Clark says Kaitlyn’s determination is “unparalleled.”

She said: “Her dad and I are immensely proud of her. When I saw her in the England shirt and watched her play, I was struggling to comprehend it.

“It is just beyond our wildest dreams and it is an unbelievable achievement.

“Through determination, we have made it work."