HUNDREDS of car enthusiasts gathered this weekend to honour a man killed in a crash.

Car groups from across the south came together to mourn the passing of Eastleigh man, Harrison Cross, who died after being involved in a crash involving a lorry. 

The event started at Britannia Parking in the city centre and saw hundreds of vehicles honking and revving in memory of one of the scene's “big characters” on Saturday night.

Harrison, or Harry, 26, was well known for his yellow BMW E36 compact and the vibrant car was recognised by many.

Attendees paid their tributes by adorning their motors with yellow ribbons, flowers, and balloons.

The group then went in convoy to Harrison's family home on Fair Oak Road in Bishopstoke where his family and friends were waiting.

Fireworks and smoke bombs were set off and a fundraiser collecting money to help his family with funeral costs raised more than £500.

One of the organisers, Reece Millier, 19, said that the event was to “respect and honour his family.”

He said: “I didn’t know him personally. I knew his car but when you're part of the car scene like you see around here today you're family. 

“We wanted to do something for his family so we’re meeting here but we’re all going to go past his house for his mum and brothers to see.” 

Daily Echo: Reece Millier.Reece Millier.

Reece told the Daily Echo that original plans to meet in Nursling were changed due to a police dispersal order.

He said: “We wanted to meet further out from anything where people live like we normally do but the police blocked it all off."

Chris Laurance, 37, the club owner of Southampton Remembrance said: “There are hundreds of us here. Not everyone will know the person (Harry) but they know his car and will be honking and popping for him.  

“We’re respectful to people around and to his family... that’s really what today’s about.” 

The convoy of cars headed from the city centre to his home at around 7.30pm. 

Daily Echo: Tributes for Harry Cross during a Southampton car meet.Tributes for Harry Cross during a Southampton car meet.

Hundreds of people lined the streets along with his family members and friends. 

Drivers passed his family revving their engines and honking their horns, and a number of yellow smoke bombs were set off to further honour Harrison and his passion for cars. 

Police patrol cars were parked on Fair Oak Road last night, however, it is unknown if officers intervened in any way.

The Echo has contacted the county force for more information.