CUSTOMERS have been enjoying food from a kitchen bursting with flavour nearly a year after it opened.

Artsy Lounge, in East Street, Southampton, opened in August boasting a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes.

The owner, Orhan Servincli, 37, has worked in the hospitality sector abroad and said with Artsy Lounge he has fulfilled his dream of having his own place.

He moved from Exeter to Southampton in 2020 but were hit by the pandemic. But Orhan managed to open the restaurant in August last year.

It offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes. Orhan said: “What we are offering here is unique, this isn’t just a Turkish.

"We have Turkish, Cypriot, Greek, Spanish food all in one place.”

He is speaking up as part of Independents' Day on July 2 and 3 supporting local traders and encouraging people to visit them.

Orhan has worked in many Mediterranean countries and has taken that experience and used it for his business, bringing different cultures together.

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“When you look at different Mediterranean cuisines, they all have similar ingredients, it’s just different names," he said.

"Something in Turkey would be named different from what you would find in Greece but it’s still the same ingredients.”

Orhan said customers have enjoyed their visits and recommended the restaurant to their friends.

He said: “Everyone who has been here and tried our food and cocktails has become regular and they highly recommend it to their friends and family.

"So every day we have new people saying that someone has recommended it to them, but we need more time.”

Artsy Lounge offers a variety of deals and dishes includes seafood or meat as well as veggie options.

Orhan hopes more investment will be made in East Street.

He said: “We are based in Queensway but there aren’t many eateries here."

Artsy Lounge can be found at 100-102 East Street in Southampton, SO14 3HH.