FORMER court reporter John Hoskins looks back at a case from the archives.

They had once considered having him put down because of his irritating habit of chewing carpets and wallpaper. Now the Scott family were prepared to buy him a roll of the stuff!

Buzley had gone from zero to hero when he bravely tackled two burglars who had broken into their home, one hurling a heavy brass model that struck mum of three Evelyn Scott firmly in the face.

The Golden Labrador instinctively reacted by grabbing one thug by the ankle as he frantically beat a retreat through a window. Eventually kicking himself free, he yelled to his accomplice: "Drop this, they've let the dog out."

'This' was the family's new television which was retrieved by detectives investigating the break-in at the house in Portchester in 1980.

It had been Buzley's frantic scratching of the kitchen door that had alerted 26-year-old Evelyn whose husband was away on night duty.Daily Echo: CASTLE ST, PORTCHESTER

Initially of the drama that was about to happen, she told the Echo: "I thought he just wanted to go out when I came downstairs but when I walked into the kitchen, he barked and growled and then I heard a crash. It was our music centre being dragged on the floor. The next second, our brass horse and cart struck me in the mouth and I was stunned for a few seconds."

Buzley however was not finished. He hurled himself out of the window and chased the villain to a waiting getaway vehicle.

"I didn't dare go outside in case they came back and hit me again."