While Southampton isn’t covered by the red weather warning affecting central parts of the UK today, it’s still going to be a scorcher.

A Met Office amber alert remains in place for the region, stating the extreme weather conditions could lead to “widespread impacts on people and infrastructure”.

Along with the potential for serious illness or even “danger to life”, particularly in the vulnerable, the heatwave will inevitably impact coastal areas as people flock to cool off at the seaside, leading to increased risk of water safety incidents.

If you want to know just how hot it’s going to get today and when, here’s the hour-by-hour forecast.

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What weather warnings mean

Southampton Met Office weather forecast

With not a cloud in the sky all day and a less than 5% chance of rain for the entire 24-hour period, it’s safe to say today will stay dry. And here are the temperatures you can expect too:

  • Midnight: 23C
  • 1am: 22C
  • 2am: 22C
  • 3am: 21C
  • 4am: 20C
  • 5am: 20C
  • 6am: 21C
  • 7am: 21C
  • 8am: 23C
  • 9am: 24C
  • 10am: 25C
  • 11am: 27C
  • Midday: 29C
  • 1pm: 30C
  • 2pm: 30C
  • 3pm: 31C
  • 4pm: 31C
  • 5pm: 31C
  • 6pm: 30C
  • 7pm: 30C
  • 8pm: 29C
  • 9pm: 28C
  • 10pm: 27C
  • 11pm: 26C

How long will heatwave last - UK forecast

According to the Met Office, after today expect one more day of the extreme heat weather conditions, before cooling off on Wednesday to temperatures closer to normal for this time of year – around 23C.

Cloudier skies could bring with them showers or longer spells of rain.

Thursday is likely to see a return of dry conditions but with temperatures remaining similar to the previous day, it should feel a lot less stifling than it does right now.

Looking slightly further ahead in July, a Met Office spokesperson said: “Fine and dry weather is likely to arrive for many further into the period, as high pressure will slowly build over the UK at the start of next week.

“Southern parts may become warm to very warm again, while much of the north and northwest will see temperatures closer to normal.

“Approaching the end of July, the conditions may begin shifting to generally more unsettled.”