The Daily Echo remembers some of the local videos to have gone viral online.

These are just a few of the short videos that made people laugh, cry and wince over the years:

Ellie Cole dancing at a bus stop - 2013

When she was waiting for a bus on a busy street, you wouldn’t have guessed she was Southampton’s own online dance sensation.

Nonetheless, hundreds of thousands of people viewed Ellie Cole’s bus stop boogie online.

On Bishopstoke Road, Eastleigh, the 34-year-old woman was captured on camera dancing to toe-tapping tunes.

Daily Echo: Eastleigh's got talent dancing queen Ellie Cole, the internet sensation shows her moves waiting for her bus on Bishopstoke Road. Wednesday 17th April 2013.

Her three-minute routine went global after it was posted on a number of websites, along with the backing music Dancing Queen, by 1970s Swedish chart-toppers Abba.

Ellie said that she was listening to Knock Down by Alesha Dixon while pulling out her iconic moves.

In the video Ellie starts her pavement party off with hands in pockets and eases into a gentle shoulder shuffle, before stopping briefly as a lorry rumbles past.

Before long she is moving her head happily from left to right, adding the occasional flourish with her hands as if playing an imaginary piano.

There is a momentary pause as a dog walker strolls past before Ellie pulls out a finger wag and body roll.

The routine is marked with an emphatic, downward karate-style dance punch shortly before a Blue Star double-decker bus pulls up bearing the logo ‘A Brighter Way to Southampton’.

Dad made step-by-step guide explaining how to change a loo roll - 2014

A STEP-by-step guide to changing loo roll made by a Southampton dad went viral in 2014.

Exasperated by his teenage children’s lack of ‘know how’, Will Reid resorted to using social media to teach them how to restock an empty loo roll holder with a fresh roll.

The video titled “Teenage Instructional Video - How to change a toilet roll” on YouTube got more than one million hits in less than a week.

Daily Echo: Will Reid during instructional video on replacing a toilet roll.

It is what Will says is the first in a series of ‘instructional videos’ aimed at his children Beth and James.

In it the frustrated dad begins by saying: “This is a video for my kids, the first in a series of instructional video, telling them face to face isn’t working so I’ve taken to social media to try and reach them.”

He then swiftly shows how the loo roll is changed, before adding sarcastically “The advanced level would be to put the empty toilet roll holder in the bin.

“But I feel that might be a step too far at the moment.”

Disco Bunny in Southampton - 2017

HE was a man on a mission to unite and heal all people in the harmony of universal love.

Pablo Woodward, better known as the Disco Bunny hit the streets of Southampton encouraging people to dance, smile and express themselves with chalk on the streets.

The dancer reached global audiences when he showed off some moves alongside a pink-coated pensioner on the street of Brighton.

Daily Echo: The Disco Bunny visits Southampton on Saturday

Disco Bunny even featured in rock band Kasabian’s video, In Love With A Psycho from their debut album.

The eccentric dancer twisted and hit London road in Southampton donning flowers, glitter and skin-tight leggings and got passers-by to join in.

The dancer said that he received a balanced response from the people of Southampton, some people took pictures with him but others were more cautious.

He said the warmest response was from Southampton’s homeless community who were very welcoming and happy to meet him.

Charlie Austin’s rant spliced with Blur’s Parklife - 2018

An interview with Charlie Austin, the former Saints striker, went viral after his post-match interview was given a Blur makeover.

The football star laid into match officials when they disallowed his goal for offside on November 10, 2018.

The striker called for better refereeing standards on Match of the Day.

Daily Echo: Charlie Austin during interview.

But his rant was taken and spliced with the hit Blur song ‘Parklife’.

The striker rifled the ball past Ben Foster from just inside the box, but the referee ruled it out after claiming Maya Yoshida was offside.

When Austin struck the ball, Yoshida was closest to the goal, but he did not touch it or obstruct Foster’s vision, leading to the Saints’ striker claiming the referees were incompetent.

Austin said: “It’s ridiculous, they shouldn’t be in the game

“We scored a perfectly good goal that was ruled out for offside. The officials cost us two points. They said it was offside, that is a joke.

“People go on about VAR, they clearly need help. If this is the best, most-watched league in the world then give them all the help they need. It is a joke.

“Sure there are many positives, we worked hard, we deserved three points and we would have got that had we not been let down by the official.”

The man himself took it in jest and even Tweeted about it.

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UFOs spotted over Southampton - 2007

A floating balloon, an elaborate hoax or aliens from another planet?

An Echo reader caught strange things happening in the skies over Southampton lights on film in 2007

A video of UFO activity appeared to show lights moving slowly, apparently in pairs, over the Thornhill estate.

Daily Echo: Kevin Prince (centre) with his friends and family who all saw the UFO's over Thornhill on Saturday

At about 9.30pm, Kevin Prince, 34, of Holcroft Road, saw the strange lights while his kids were playing outside.

“They were moving in a perfectly straight line and were very smooth,” he said.

“I’m quite sceptical about UFOs but it was really strange - really weird.”