If you could appear on any of your favourite reality TV shows from Love Island to First Dates - what would it be?

Everyone has their guilty pleasure programme that they enjoy watching from the comfort of their sofa but few dare to dream of actually becoming one of its stars.

Whether you’re brave enough to bare all on Naked Attraction or you think you could give the Chasers a run for their money, keep on reading.

Here are your chances of getting on some of the UK’s most loved reality TV shows airing on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Daily Echo: Laura Whitmore as Love Island returned for series 8. Credit: ITVLaura Whitmore as Love Island returned for series 8. Credit: ITV

The entertainment experts at Jeffbet.com have analysed search data over the last 12 months to see which shows Brits are most keen to appear on.

Pairing each TV show with the word 'application', the study discovered that Love Island attracts the most applications, with over 37,000 on average each year.

Coming in second was First Dates with 13,200, followed by Naked Attraction with 6,000 searches.

These are the top 10 reality shows that attract the most applicant interest according to their average annual searches.

UK Reality TV shows that Brits most want to appear on

  1. Love Island  - 37,200 
  2. First dates - 13,200 
  3. Naked Attraction - 6,000 
  4. Gogglebox - 6,000 
  5. The Cube - 6,000 
  6. Tipping Point - 4,800 
  7. The Chase - 4,200 
  8. Married at First Sight - 3,600 
  9. The Apprentice - 3,600 
  10. The Great British Bake Off - 3,000


Jeffbet has then used the number of average annual searches and the average number of contestants appearing in each series to predict our chances of getting cast for the top 10 TV shows. 

Unsurprisingly, the ITV dating show is not only the most popular programme but it is also the most difficult to get cast on.

With only 22 contestants each year, you have just a 0.06% chance of making the cut.  

The Cube is next on the list with a 0.27% chance, followed by Gogglebox with a 0.28% chance per household or family.  

Daily Echo: The Chase. Credit: ITVThe Chase. Credit: ITV (Image: ITV)

Your chances of appearing on the UK's most popular reality TV shows

Love Island 

Number of searches: 37,200 

Number of contestants:22 

% chance: 0.06% 

The Cube 

Number of searches:  6,000 

Number of contestants: 16

% chance: 0.27% 


Number of searches: 6,000 

Number of contestants: 17 (households) 

% chance: 0.28% 

The Great British Bake Off 

Number of searches: 3,000 

Number of contestants:12 

% chance: 0.33% 

Married at First Sight 

Number of searches: 3,600 

Number of contestants:16 

% chance: 0.44% 

Daily Echo: The Apprentice. Credit: BBCThe Apprentice. Credit: BBC

The Apprentice 

Number of searches: 3,600

Number of contestants:16 

% chance: 0.44% 

First Dates 

Number of searches: 13,200 

Number of contestants: 60 

% chance: 0.46% 

Naked Attraction 

Number of searches: 6,000 

Number of contestants: 60 

% chance: 1.00% 

Tipping Point 

Number of searches: 4,800 

Number of contestants: 60 

% chance: 1.25% 

The Chase 

Number of searches: 4,200 

Number of contestants: 210 

% chance: 5.00%