A STALKER sent hundreds of texts to his former partner and even threatened to run her over after their relationship broke down. 

Craig Reed began a campaign of harassment against his former girlfriend.

The 34-year-old of Clanfield Road, Southampton, confronted her in the street, made calls, texts and emails to her and even went to her home, a court heard.

Prosecuting, Simon Walters, told how Reed's victim was forced to change her phone number multiple times due to his "daily" approaches. 

On one occasion, he pulled his car over in the street, got out and began shouting in her face. 

Mr Walters said that the incident left the woman "really frightened and shaken". 

During a separate outburst, Reed threatened to punch her unless she told him who she was seeing. 

The court heard that Reed "bombarded" her with messages, saying that he would find her and "run her over".

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Mr Walter added that he would manipulate her into calling him, causing her to feel scared that if she didn't, he would do something to her or her family. 

Appearing before Southampton Crown Crout, he was charged with stalking involving serious harm or distress and two counts of assault. 

He previously pleaded guilty to the offences committed between October and December last year.

Mitigating, Gaylene Coles said he had "no wish to come into any further contact with the complainant", adding that there is evidence that the victim asked reed to be intimate with her even after the relationship had ended. 

"The evidence does show that there are periods of time when the victim has been in contact with the defendant.

"She texted him 223 times. This relationship was at times up and down."

Judge Brian Forster QC scolded Reed for making "the most terrible comments". 

He said: "You seem to have limited insight as to the effect your behaviour has on other people. 

"You must realise that there is a consequence to your actions." 

Reed, who has 18 previous convictions for 21 offences, was jailed for two years. 

He was also handed a five year restraining order.