First Dates host Fred Sirieix's reaction to his daughter's winning her first Commonwealth Games gold medal has warmed the crowd.

The popular French Maître d'hôtel was seen applauding his daughter Andrea Spendolini Sirieix during her 10-metre platform dive in Birmingham's Sandwell Aquatics Centre on Thursday.

Sirieix, 50, took to Twitter ahead of her first Commonwealth Games appearance in the platform dive Preliminary round earlier in the day.

Sitting in the audience ahead of the dive, Fred tweeted: "'This is it! Let's #goAndrea"

First Dates star has the sweetest reaction as daughter wins Commonwealth Gold

Andrea, 17, competed in the preliminary rounds, which involves 14 competitors completing five dives each, with 12 divers advancing to the final.

Fred was the definition of a proud Dad as he was seen giving his daughter the thumbs up from the stands as she headed for her victory interview.

The professional diver came in first place in the event for Team England with Australia's Shixin Li clinching the top spot with 388.70 for the men's side.

The final took place later on Thursday, which saw 12 finalists perform another five nail-biting dives.

Andrea stunned the crowd as she nabbed the gold medal with a staggering 357.50 points.

Fans raced to the comments to congratulate the young diver and her suave father.

One user wrote: "Congratulations to Andrea, @fredsirieix1 you must be one proud Father tonight."

Another viewer teased: " Congratulations on her winning @BBCSPOTY next year."

A third chimed in:"Love & congratulations!, you must be almost at bursting point with pride x x x x"

On winnign gold, Andrea said: “I don’t have many words in English but I’m very happy. It’s amazing, especially for it to be on home soil, a home Games.

“It’s the first time I’ve actually had a crowd because I didn’t have one at Tokyo and the other internationals I’ve done, I didn’t have a big crowd.

“But it’s been incredible, I’ve had so much fun. I wasn’t really scared, I was so peaceful so I’m just really happy with how it went.”

Andrea's victory came during her first Commonwealth Games, following being part of Team GB at the summer Olympics in Toyko last year.

Speaking about sharing the moment with her family, she added: " I’ve spoken to my mum, my dad and my brother. I gave Perry (the bull) to my brother because it’s the most I can do to say thank you.

“They said ‘Well done’, I saw tears in their eyes, I didn’t really want to look at them in the eye just in case I cried. It’s really nice to have them here.”