TikTok is in an utter panic that there is a zombie apocalypse on the horizon and that it's all starting in China - but it's not true. 

Users on the social media platform have been in a frenzy after a 2021 article that explores the question in a pop culture context got misinterpreted. 

The platform has been flooded with theories that the undead creatures were in China, which the article suggested as a potential birthplace for a zombie apocalypse.

The author suggests that an outbreak would start in a Communist country since "they time and again chosen to suppress information", rather than in the UK and US as we've seen in countless horror and thriller movies.

The article, which is labelled an opinion piece, refers to the novel World War Z by Max Brooks, which follows a fictional Zombie World War.

Why are 'Zombies in China' trending on TikTok?

Struggling to separate fiction from reality, some TikTok users fear that 2022 could see a further virus outbreak - as the world continues to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic.

While it's unclear who started the trend - two things are certain.

Zombies are simply a chilling Halloween costume and the social media reaction to the weird trend is nothing short of entertaining.


Users have been taking to social media to express their thoughts - ranging from panic to setting the record straight over the bizarre trend.

One person wrote: "why ppl on tiktok saying that there's zombies in china what in the hell is going on"

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A second posted: "why hell am i hearing about a zombie in china, I’m about to fly to space fr."

A third pleaded: "tell me why they’re talking about ZOMBIES in China."

Another user added: "Tiktok needs to stop with this zombies in China bs like bruh even tho I know it's bs 1 of my worst fears is f*ing zombies (don't ask me why I don't know either) I'm gonna start having nightmares about this so please stop."