A ROW has erupted between Fareham Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats after a local councillor moved to Liverpool.

Lib Dem councillor Jean Kelly, member for Portchester East ward, has moved to Liverpool with her husband, former councillor Gerry Kelly.

Cllr Kelly has been called on to resign in a statement by the Fareham Conservatives titled Portchester Deserves Better.

It said: "The revelation that the Lib Dem councillor for Portchester actually lives over 250 miles away is just part of a long list of disappointments from the party who continue to make big promises at election time but never deliver.

"Portchester residents will be understandably angry and feel let down by this latest dereliction of duty.

"The Fareham Conservatives have a local and hard-working candidate ready to go who will be much more able to represent the local needs for Portchester. Someone who is on the spot to get things done, someone who works all year round, and doesn’t just appear at election time.

Portchester Conservative Branch Chairman Harry Davis added: "How can someone who lives over 250 miles away understand or keep up with the issues that are unique to Portchester? It’s time for a change and a fresh start."

In response, a spokesperson from the Fareham Liberal Democrats said: "Jean’s commitment is unwavering, and she has brilliantly helped three new Lib Dem councillors, Chrissie Bainbridge, Paul Nother and David Hamilton, to become fully effective representatives following their election last May.

"She has ably represented the views of the people of Portchester in her many years as a member of the party.

"Jean has not defaulted on any of her council obligations and currently assists with local issues.

"The Tory-led borough council and the Tory-led county council have failed to deliver much-needed refurbishments to the Portchester precinct for years; they’ve failed to reinstate the CCTV cameras and they continue to salami slice budgets for services provided to the least fortunate.

"The lack of delivery for Portchester is 100 per cent down to the current Tory leadership of the council.

"Unlike Conservatives, we know exactly when it is the right time for someone to resign from their post."

In 2016 Fareham East Lib Dem councillor Paul Whittle resigned after moving to Saudi Arabia.