TEAMS tested their endurance to the limit tackling miles of cycling and running topped by a gruelling assault course .

Scenes at the Dirty Double Adventure Race were reminiscent of the Glastonbury music festival as hundreds waded through the mud and grappled with monkey bars at Itchen Valley Country Park on Sunday. The Allington Lane course in West End alternated between running and cycling for 14 miles before gorilla-suited strangers set upon the 45 competing trios at the final hurdle.

To finish, teams were forced to clamber up a three metre wall and dodge hairy primates threatening to trip them over.

Andy Blow, who organised the challenge, said: "It was torture and we got a good dose of British weather to make things worse but it just made the teams more determined and they rose to the challenge.

"We had a couple of people go head over heels into the bog because it was a lot deeper than it looked."

The first teams past the finish line included Bike Magic, Team Spears and We Don't Do Hills.

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