SOUTHAMPTON'S skyline could be on the verge of a dramatic change as wind turbines could soon be generating power in the city.

The council wants to start a consultation on building up to 20 medium sized turbines as part of its commitment to using more sustainable forms of energy.

The first would incorporate a design that reflects the Spitfire heritage in the city.

Campaigners have long been calling for a permanent memorial to the Spitfire that was designed by Southampton's RJ Mitchell.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, Councillor Richard Williams, said: "When it comes to innovation it is only fitting that we look at how we can commemorate and pay tribute to one of Southampton's greatest innovators of all - R.J Mitchell."

Cllr Williams added that exploring the need for wind power in Southampton was essential if the city was to meet its renewable energy goal.

"Southampton is hugely proactive in tackling climate change," he said.

"Over the coming weeks and months we will be looking carefully at the possibility of how we can generate significant energy in the city by using small to medium sized wind turbines.

"Wind turbines represent unique symbols of an area's pledge to tackle climate change."

The wind turbines would be built by the private sector on commercial or industrial sites at no cost to the tax payer.

They will be subject to complex procurement procedures and feasibility studies.