THE Daily Echo needs help in solving Hampshire's latest UFO mystery.

Just a day after it was revealed 42 UFOs have been spotted in the county in the past ten years, a new video has emerged of a strange object in our skies.

The footage was captured by company director Will Campbell on Monday, May 5, and shows a cubeshaped object floating high above houses in Shirley.

"I was at home when my housemates Mina and Simon spotted the object out the window.

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We could barely see it with the naked eye, so I got my video camera out to zoom in to get a clearer picture of the object," the 28- year-old said.

"It appeared to be a black, almost cube shaped. At first it was slowly rising, but then seemed to stabilise at an altitude and move away into the distance. We could see it for about 15 minutes, before it eventually got too far away."

Mr Campbell was confident the object wasn't a kite as there was "absolutely" no wind that day.

"Its large arc across the sky also means that it was not tethered to the ground in the way an advertising blimp would be.

The shape of the object wasn't round like a weather balloon.

"I rather hope that one of the readers of the Daily Echo might be able to shed some light on what the object was."

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Mr Campbell said he believed extra-terrestrial life was out there, but that he was very sceptical of most UFO claims.

"I don't believe that there is a great deal of UFO activity and I think that the vast majority of sightings can be explained. There are however a few sightings which are very difficult to explain."