A HAMPSHIRE zoo is going wild following the birth of two baby meerkats.

The babies, known as kits, were born at Winchester's Marwell Zoological Park and are the latest addition to the zoo's thriving meerkat family.

Despite being born weeks ago, zoo staff only recently found out about the new arrivals when they emerged for the first time.

Sam Compton, Marwell's meerkat keeper, explained: "When the kits are young they stay in their burrow with a parent or babysitter.

"They are allowed onto the surface when they are old enough to dig, search for food with the adults, and most importantly able to make a quick dash back to the burrow in case a predator appears."

Since they appeared from their burrow, the pair, which are yet to be named, have been drawing crowds with their playful behaviour.

Sam added: "Born to mum Sharon and dad Chico, the kits also live with another female, Pepper, who helps out with babysitting duties."