A SOUTHAMPTON woman has said she fears her dog could have been killed when it was attacked by a pitbull on a popular dog-walking route.

Vicky Mcloughlin was walking her rescue dog, Chino, in Abercrombie Gardens in Aldermoor when she noticed a pitbull off its leash in the distance.

In a matter of seconds, the dog attacked her nine-year-old pooch Chino and got hold of his neck with extreme force. 

Vicky told the Daily Echo: "I have lived in the area for about 17 years and have never seen that dog. 

"I often take this route and it's popular amongst other dog walkers and families." Daily Echo: Vicky's rescue dog Chino Vicky's rescue dog Chino (Image: Newsquest)

The incident took place on Saturday, October 15 in the cutaway that runs adjacent to Abercrombie Gardens. 

Vicky claims the pitbull was off its leash and that she had never seen anything like it.

The 42-year-old added: "It took a few minutes to get him off Chino, although it felt much longer than this.

"The man who owned the dog could barely control it on the lead once it had been separated from mine. 

"It could have been fatal, and she could have broken her jaw. 

"She is very lucky to be alive and uninjured." 

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Vicky adopted Chino, a pointer/beagle mix, from Cyprus five years ago and described her as a very loving and outgoing dog.

The pet lover said: "She doesn't have one bad bone in her body." 

Vicky has since avoided the park and has called out the irresponsible pet owner. 

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She said: "This was a very distressing incident for both myself and my dog. 

"The man didn't even apologise and just left with his dog. 

"His dog could seriously hurt both adults and children, as well as other dogs. 

"I will not be walking my dog again on this route, which is a shame as it is a good local walk. However, I am not willing to risk it happening again."

Vicky has reported the incident to Southampton City Council's animal welfare team.

Now she is urging other residents to avoid the park and be vigilant.