A woman knocked to the ground by two vehicles on a zebra crossing has said the area has become a 'Wild West'.

Jackie Carrington was using the zebra crossing on Portsmouth Road, Bursledon when a van knocked her off her feet.

Horrifying CCTV footage shows a stunned Jackie flat out on the crossing as the van passes her by.

It came just weeks before a lollipop lady was nearly hit by a car on the same road.

A car, believed to be a Ford Fiesta, then hits her for a second time in an attempt to move past.

'Nothing to stop them'

Daily Echo: Jackie Carrington stood by the zebra crossing on Portsmouth RoadJackie Carrington stood by the zebra crossing on Portsmouth Road (Image: Maya George, Newsquest)

Following the incident on December 15, Jackie is calling for the zebra crossing to be replaced with a pedestrian crossing.

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Jackie said: “Lowford seems to be the Wild West and cars don’t stop.

“I would like a pedestrian crossing on this road.

“Cars do not seem to recognise that they should stop, and at the moment, they speed past the zebra crossing.

“There’s nothing to stop them.

“If people die here, that’s when I believe the council will do something.

“I feel very lucky as it could have been so much worse for me.”

'I couldn't stand'

The 59-year-old admin worker and carer said she couldn’t move because of the shock after she was hit.

Jackie - who has previously spoken out about her ordeal - said: “I waited at the crossing for traffic to stop and I was nearly at the other side when a van came along and bumped into me.

“He must’ve not seen me because who would do that?

“I couldn’t get up because of the shock of it. A car then banged into my shoulder, and I couldn’t stand up.

“People just left me in the middle of the road.”

A motorcyclist soon came to her aid and managed to get the registration number of the van.

And after a trip to the hospital, Jackie was told she suffered a fracture in her hand, along with “lots of pain” all along her left side.

Petition launched 

Daily Echo:

These incidents have sparked a huge community response and a petition has been launched to make the road safer.

It has attracted more than 500 signatures so far.

Organiser Victoria Price said: “The traffic is just getting worse and worse along Portsmouth Road.

“But the community seem to have really come together on this one.”

However, concerned parents fear it will take a fatality on the road for things to change.

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I don’t think the zebra crossing is very visible, but that’s no excuse.

“Sometimes the cars just speed across and it will concern me as my eldest will be walking to school on his own next year.”

Another added: “The zebra crossing isn’t visible but the lollipop ladies are.

“Nothing is going to happen unless someone is killed.”

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