ROADWORKS that have caused misery for motorists has been a "godsend" for the threatened Hythe Ferry.

Operator, Lee Rayment said the ferry's passenger numbers had gone up by "two and a half times" as a result of ongoing work to the Redbridge Causeway.

The ferry, which has struggled financially in recent years, announced in December that it would cease trading as of New Years Eve. 

But with renewed hope of finding a buyer for the company, it was announced the ferry would continue until 2023. 

And now with roadworks leaving motorists stuck in queues of up to 90 minutes to get from the New Forest to Southampton, the service has seen a return to almost 2018 levels. 

Daily Echo: Redbridge Causeway.Redbridge Causeway. (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Rayment said the works has been a "godsend" with the ferry, previously serving just 20 passengers, now seeing numbers closer to 50.

"It's been really good for us - we're almost back to 2018 levels.

"We've seen new faces and some which have come back to us. It's a shame it's not like this all year round.

"Hopefully we'll hold on to some of them - it certainly shows the interest there is."

Work is being carried out at the causeway to fix weaknesses in the concrete which will see closures continue into March.

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