A CHIP shop has been told it needs to carry out major improvements after hygiene inspectors found dirty floors and deep fat fryers.

The Phat Chip Company in Lodge Road, Southampton, was given a one-out-of-five rating after a report found an unused deep fat fryer was “dirty with accumulated waste food and grease”.

The eatery was told its kitchen floor was dirty and staff needed to thoroughly clean the floor.

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The restaurant was also told the industrial potato peeler in the kitchen needed to be thoroughly cleaned to minimise any risk of contamination of food.

The inspector also said staff need to defrost food according to the manufacturer’s instructions to minimise the growth of harmful organisms.

Bosses have also been told staff need to check the core temperature of cooked foods. Probe thermometers must be checked regularly for accuracy, inspectors said.

The assessment was carried out on the kitchen and servery on December 19.

The Phat Chip Company was approached by the Daily Echo for comment.


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