YOUNGSTERS and staff are celebrating the results of a "fantastic" watchdog inspection.

Kanes Hill Primary School in Thornhill has been rated good by Ofsted.

The Hinkler Road school scored the rating in four out of five categories - with inspectors ranking it outstanding in personal development.

Head of school Katie Smith said: "This result is fantastic for our children and community.

"I am so pleased that the hard work and determination of all our staff and children has been recognised.

"Kanes Hill is a very special place to work and learn and we are all elated that this has been recognised by the Ofsted inspectors.

"Our school is one big family and together we are celebrating this success and looking forward to the future."

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The school has 387 children at the time of the inspection and was previously rated requires improvement.

The inspection found that the school is "an inclusive place with a strong family ethos" where children "thrive in a caring community".

Inspectors found that leaders had "worked tirelessly to address the issues identified in the previous inspection successfully".

Daily Echo: Kanes Hill Primary School in Thornhill has been rated 'Good' in its most recent Ofsted inspection.Kanes Hill Primary School in Thornhill has been rated 'Good' in its most recent Ofsted inspection. (Image: Kanes Hill Primary School)

The report described pupils' personal development as exceptional, adding that they have a "strong sense" of right and wrong.

Pupils celebrate differences between people and ensure everyone is included, the report said.

The inspectors noted that leaders have made reading their top priority.

The report says that leaders have developed a curriculum that precisely sets out the essential knowledge pupils should learn.

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Leaders ensure that pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are accurately identified and teachers adapt the curriculum to ensure pupils learn as well as their peers in all subjects.

Lisa Marshall, executive principal of Kanes Hill and St Monica Primary Schools, said: "I am immensely proud and delighted with the outcome after our recent inspection.

"After joining Inspire Learning Partnership in June 2019, the improvement journey has been incredibly hard, but we have been relentless in making Kanes Hill a school of choice. 

"I look forward to continuing to work with the staff and community to make the school the best for all of our children."

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