A Westquay store will permanently close its doors after going into administration.

The Paperchase branch has put up closing down signs in its windows.

The chain went into administration on Tuesday, January 31. 

Tesco bought the high street brand but not its workforce or stores. 

READ MORE: Paperchase warns customers to use gift vouchers as Tesco buys name but not shopsDaily Echo: Paperchase in WestquayPaperchase in Westquay (Image: Newsquest)

Jan Marchant, managing director of home and clothing at Tesco, said: "Paperchase is a well-loved brand by so many, and we’re proud to bring it to Tesco stores across the UK.

"We have been building out plans to bring more brands and inspiration to the ranges we currently offer, and this will help us take those plans further.

"We look forward to sharing more with our customers in due course."

Administrators from Begbies Traynor said that they would keep the shops open for a short time, and that staff would stay in their jobs in the meantime. However, they said nothing about what would happen to their jobs in the long term.

The administrators said that they had made 75 workers at the London head office redundant.

The ailing firm failed to secure a buyer after being placed on the market by retail veteran owner Steve Curtis.

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