A NUMBER of Year 11 students in Southampton have been threatened with having their prom taken away after protesting over unisex toilets, according to a pupil.

Around 300 Oasis Academy Mayfield students came together to voice their frustration over single-sex toilets and "unfair" toilet rules stopping girls from leaving lessons to use the loo during their menstrual cycle.

A Year 11 student says the senior leadership team resorted to pulling the fire alarm to stop Monday's demonstration, later telling his year group that they wouldn't be able to attend their prom. 

Oasis Academy Mayfield has been contacted for a response but has declined to comment.

Similar protests have been taking place this week at Weston Secondary School where a number of students have been suspended.

The student, who did not want to be named, told the Daily Echo: “People chanted both ‘toilet rights’ and ‘equal rights’ voicing the fact they generally feel uncomfortable by use of the gender-neutral toilets.

“This was ultimately shut down by the senior leadership team who pulled the fire alarm to remove the students from the building.

“Another protest was planned by students for the next day in the multi-use games area, so there is more space and would be much more carefully arranged in terms of safeguarding.

“Though during period one in the morning the fire alarm was tripped, and the students were sent outside.

“Once lined on the field up, the senior leadership team informed Year 11 students that if they were to protest, they would not be allowed to attend prom in June.”

Daily Echo:

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The Echo understands some students at Oasis Academy Mayfield have also been suspended over the protest.

Another Year 11 student said: “Uni-sex toilets make me feel extremely vulnerable and uncomfortable.

“It feels sometimes as if I don’t have as much privacy as I would like due to these toilets.

“Also, it is really damaging when I am not allowed to go to the toilet while I am on my period.

“It feels as if I have to fight against the teachers for a basic human right and it makes me wonder if our school is truly as progressive as they say they are.

“This protest gives us a chance for the teachers to listen, since they never have before and instead made the rules more restrictive.

“Behaviour is terrible in this school and I think it is because the teachers don’t listen to students and just focus on learning - not our general well-being.”