A man says his mental health has taken a hit following the closure of a gay sauna and spa in the heart of Southampton.

James Horn was a regular customer at Pink Broadway, which he often visited to “relax and chill” after a working day.

But since the East Street site closed unexpectedly in January, the 22-year-old has been left with nowhere to turn and his mental health has deteriorated.

The company behind the sauna said its decision was the result of "circumstances beyond our control".

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Daily Echo: James Horn stood outside Pink Broadway in Southampton James Horn stood outside Pink Broadway in Southampton (Image: Maya George, Newsquest)

James, who works as a mental health counsellor, said: “It was sudden and everyone found out about the closure online.

“Pink Broadway was a really big thing for me, and I used to visit once or twice a week to relax and chill after a long day’s work.

“It has affected my mental health as the staff were like a family to me.

“Every time I walk past the sauna I tear up a bit but I am hoping a new one will open in Southampton.

“I think there are a lot of other people who feel the same way as me.”

The unexplained closure has prompted James to call for more safe LGBTQ+ spaces in Southampton.

This is something he believes the city is currently lacking.

He said: “When the sauna shut, I realised Southampton didn’t have many LGBTQ+ friendly places left here, and I feel there should be more spaces.

“But not just spaces, friendly services too. I’m so sad the sauna’s gone and for no reason.”

Daily Echo:

His thoughts were echoed by Nat Wreford, treasurer of People’s Pride Southampton.

He said: “We worked with Pink Broadway quite closely and were sad to hear about the news.

“I agree that there should be more LGBTQ+ spaces in Southampton.

“The closure does concern me as it makes you wonder where else the customers and regulars are going.”

He added: “Customers don’t know where to go now, but we can offer support.

“We offer as much support as we can with the money that backs us.

“Things happen and you can offer support, but we can only do so much.”

The Echo has approached Pink Broadway for comment.