I read of the recent scandals of police failures and have to say I really am not surprised.

I would like to share a recent experience. 

I work as a nurse at Southampton General and a couple of weeks ago I had been called in on a Sunday morning after a colleague fell sick.

I approached the right turn lane on Winchester Road lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree, the main light went green and there being no traffic so early I turned onto Dale Road.

It was then I realised there was a man standing in the road with his hand outstretched.

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As I got closer I saw in the dim light his PCSO labelling on his uniform so I stopped to ask what the problem was.

He insisted I was not allowed to turn off Winchester Road until the filter light came on.

I told him this was nonsense as buses turn like that there all the time.

He then started talking of a £100 fine for ignoring traffic signals so I produced my staff ID card and told him he was stopping me getting on with my job and that I was going to phone 111 right then to complain.

It was then that he said he was "letting me off with words of caution!" and let me go.

I have had no contact from Hampshire police over the matter, who seem to ignore traffic issues in the main, so it was a shock to be stopped for something legal!

If this is the standard of policing we have no hope.