SOUTHAMPTON'S UFO mystery continued yesterday as yet more evidence emerged of weird triangle and cubeshaped objects stalking our skies.

Since the Daily Echo reported on the mystery this week, another three readers have come forward with footage and photographs of UFOs hovering above Shirley and Millbrook.

The latest footage was captured by Dilys Bartlett and her family as they sat in the backyard of their Shirley home on Sunday, June 1.

Click here to watch the footage of the mysterious object hovering over Shirley

"We looked up into the sky and there it was - a black triangle,"

Mrs Bartlett said.

"It did not seem to be moving left or right, it just drifted up into the clouds before disappearing."

Mrs Bartlett said she had no idea what the mystery object was, but said it could not be a kite as there was absolutely no wind that day. Another reader, Leonard Cattley, spotted a similar UFO on the same day and said: "It was hovering for at least 15 minutes so we got a very good look at it, if it was a kite it would have been huge.

"It looked very much like a hovering stealth fighter but it made no noise, having worked at Heathrow Airport and lived at Farnborough in my time, I am no stranger to aircraft but this object looked liked nothing I have seen before."

A strikingly similar UFO was photographed by reader Rob Baker from his backyard in Regent's Park three weeks ago.

"We were out in the garden when my oldest son pointed it out.

It was a long way away so I got my camera out to zoom in on it," he said. "From the zoomed image it looks like a powered hang glider.

It was more of a square shape than a triangle and there was a dull humming sound, but I cannot be sure that wasn't coming from the road."

The X-Files-style mystery has left UFO enthusiasts baffled and an investigation was even launched by Southampton Airport after a worried member of the public alerted bosses.

Possible explanations include Chinese lanterns, microlights, model aircrafts, kites or even a secret military project.

Recruitment consultant Gavin Chapman also came forward with another mysterious photograph, which he took in the city last summer.

"I was taking a photograph of a rainbow at the time, but I didn't notice there was also an object in the picture," he said.

"Then, about three weeks ago, I was deleting pictures from my mobile phone when I spotted it.

After reading about the other recent UFO sightings on the Echo website I decided to send it in because I hope somebody can tell me what it is."

Mr Chapman added: "If you zoom in you can see that there are clearly three corners of a triangle. I honestly don't know what it is. I suppose it could be a helicopter or maybe just dirt on the lens.

"I believe there is something out there. There has to be, but whether this is it, I don't know."