A TAXI driver shared naked photos of his former boss in a Facebook group and referred to him as a “porn star” following an argument, a court heard.

Ian Crabb had fallen out with the CEO of the taxi firm he was working for after starting a relationship with a colleague.

Last summer, the 49-year-old used offensive language towards his boss and was told he could no longer drive for the company.

One week later, Crabb took to a Facebook group to post naked images of his boss that he found online.

These had been taken by his boss in his youth.

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Prosecuting, Varun Chuni told Southampton Magistrates' Court that Crabb referred to his boss as a “porn star” and posted fairy and rainbow emojis to accompany the images.

But mitigating, Nigel Couzens stressed that he had posted the images after a dispute and had taken them down shortly afterwards.

"He had a good relationship with the boss until he started dating one of the staff there.

"This is a silly one-off moment. He is not somebody that is going to come before you again.

"He has learnt the error of his ways. He has shown remorse. He knows he shouldn’t have done it and he isn’t going to do it again."

He added, however, that the images were "in the public domain" and that other people knew about them anyway.

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Crabb, of Elmes Drive, Southampton pleaded guilty to sending an offensive / indecent / obscene / menacing message by a public communication network.

Magistrate, Gary Chant, told Crabb this was "not the most wise thing to do in the world".

"We hear that it was a moment of madness. There is still a victim in this and the victim will feel that pain for a while to come if not longer."

Crabb was given a six-month community order with up to 15 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

He must also pay £100 in compensation and a £50 fine.