For the life of me, I can't get my head around the obsession by those who believe creating more cycle lanes, at enormous cost, is the way to go.

I have often at various times, travelled along Bursledon Road (Southampton City / Windover roundabout) whereby a supposedly cycle-friendly route has been provided.

Yet from my observations, cyclists using it are extremely few and far between.

Not that I'm surprised. From the east, routes into and out of the city are dominated by steep hills.

If in one's head you are riding your bike as a potential 'Tour De France' competitor, which I often think some do, then I guess one might enjoy the pre work/end of day challenge.

Personally, in line with the overwhelming majority, such a journey would be an extremely negative experience.

In my case, an under-taking that would almost certainly lead me to the under-takers!

Having said that, even lanes on the flat are hardly full of bike riders.

Advocating that everyone should get on their bike is so ridiculously impractical.

I would be happy to list the numerous reasons, but letter space restricts me from doing so.

Suffice to say, proof of the pudding is in the eating. Tellingly, I see lots of pudding, but alas, so few eating!

J Martin

Hedge End