UNLIMITED food, countless cocktails and endless entertainment all aboard a floating paradise... why would you want to travel any other way?

For some - myself included - the thought of travelling can be troublesome. But cruising on the Sky Princess took all the anxiety away as your holiday begins the second you set foot in the atrium.

The sensation of walking off the gangway in an overcast Southampton into the alluring atrium with its spiral staircases, marble floor and golden interior is loosely what I imagine Dorothy Gale felt when she pulled back the door to walk into the bright technicolour of Oz from the grey colour palette of the banal day to day.

Daily Echo: Sky PrincessSky Princess (Image: Princess Cruises)

Rather than follow a yellow brick road into a magical land of munchkins, witches and talking lions, journeying on the Sky Princess is far more relaxing and frankly less hazardous. By the time you arrive in port to stretch your legs and sample local culture, you forget that’s the reason why you booked the holiday in the first place, as you’re somewhat reluctant to leave the ship with everything it has to offer.  

Daily Echo:

Sky Princess is the fourth Royal-class ship in the Princess fleet and has a capacity of 3,660 passengers and over 1,000 crew. Measuring longer in length that the Eiffel Tower, the cruise liner first set sail in 2019 after taking three-million-man hours to construct.

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With a top speed of 23 knots (26.5 miles per hour) there’s really nowhere you can’t voyage to, and if you’re worried you might find the sea days boring… the ship has 18,000 bottles of wine and champagne in the wine cellars!

Like me, if you experienced the ambience of Amsterdam with its picturesque canals or the brilliance of Bruges with enough chocolate shops fill the ocean, Sky Princess has an array of dining options that will please both the food enthusiasts and picky eaters.

Daily Echo:

Sabatini’s speciality restaurant offers you six-course Italian speciality dining, Crown Grill cook the best steak at sea – believe me, I’ve tasted it – and Soleil Dining offer you a more traditional three-course meal.

Daily Echo:

For those who don’t want to venture far, passengers can order 24/7 room service by using their Princess App that’s downloaded before embarkation. So, if you fancy late night snacks, breakfast in bed or one last drink – ordering via the Princess App can become scarily addictive in a service that really is exclusive to the Princess brand.

For the early risers on board, you can book your very own spa treatment that can range from anything between a Swedish and a Bamboo Massage, not forgetting a sanctuary retreat with private cabanas and infinity wake view pools.

For the night owls there’s exclusive stage shows in the Princess Theatre and a big screen outside on the top deck as you can enjoy the best classic and up to date movies under the stars.

Daily Echo:

Voyaging on the Sky Princess is more than just travelling from one place to get to another. It’s high-end travel that makes you forget about the travel, as you lose consciousness of the outside world and become accustomed to your temporary home from home at sea.

The trouble is, it’s only temporary, as I’m sure more than a few passengers have tried hiding themselves in the walk-in wardrobe ready to do it all again.

The Sky Princess… why travel any other way?