Southampton is a fantastic place to live and visit.

From a bustling city centre to a rich and colourful history, our city is a great place to call home.

But it’s come to our attention that one media outlet claims Portsmouth is a better place to live.

This simply must be disputed as it is wholly untrue – and this is what we’re here to do.

Here are 12 reasons why Southampton is a much better place to live than Portsmouth, from a Southampton resident.


Daily Echo: Photo by Colin LeePhoto by Colin Lee (Image: Colin Lee)

Southampton is steeped in fascinating history and can easily be described as a city of undiscovered heritage.

You’re blind if you think the Bargate is all that is left of the city’s past.

From pubs and hotels that hosted Titanic passengers, to long-standing medieval city walls, there is plenty to see.

And, Southampton’s Old Quarter is the perfect place to step back in time and walk the walls.

Marvel at St Michael’s Church, which was founded by Norman settlers, and Tudor House, built between the years of 1491 and 1518.

God’s House Tower is another impressive example of Southampton’s history and is worth a visit if you want to enjoy a magnificent view of the city.


Daily Echo: WestquayWestquay (Image: Tony Fuller)

We boast a fantastic shopping centre – Westquay – which is home to an abundance of shops suited to all budgets.

Not only that, but we also have a bustling high street home to even more shops and a regular market.


Daily Echo: James Ward-ProwseJames Ward-Prowse (Image: Stuart Martin)

Southampton has a Premier League football team. The same can’t be said for Portsmouth.

Admittedly, this may not be for much longer, but Saints has the backing of a dedicated and loyal fanbase who endure all the trials and tribulations the club faces.

Come on you reds!

The Docks

Daily Echo: The QM2 in Southampton The QM2 in Southampton (Image: Jan Sutton)

It’s called the gateway to the world for a reason.

According to ABP (Associated British Ports), Southampton welcomes around two million passengers annually to its five cruise terminals.

The port is also home to the UK's second-largest container terminal.


Daily Echo: Echo reporter Jose Ramos outside the Rockstone in PortswoodEcho reporter Jose Ramos outside the Rockstone in Portswood (Image: Newsquest)

If there’s one thing Southampton knows how to do well, it’s food.

The city is home to MasterChef winner Shelina Permalloo and her popular restaurant Lakaz Maman.

We have many waterside dining options too and offer a diverse range of delicacies.

And you can’t forget about the independent cafes and restaurants dotted around the city.

We are not just home to big chains – we are passionate about supporting and eating local.

Green spaces

Daily Echo: Royal Victoria Country Park Royal Victoria Country Park (Image: Paula Balch)

People may frown upon our lack of a seafront but there are so many green spaces to explore.

Southampton Common, Royal Victoria Country Park, and Itchen Valley Country Park are firm favourites with two and four-legged city residents.

Plus, these spaces offer other activities such as GoApe and axe throwing too.


Daily Echo:

Southampton was in the running for the City of Culture 2025 title last year.

We may not have been crowned the winner, but we earnt our place in the top three.

We are a city of culture; a city of theatre, sport, music, art, dance, and more.

Craig David

Daily Echo:

Need we say more?

Let us know when someone from Portsmouth writes as good and as successful a song as ‘7 Days.’

New Forest

Daily Echo: New Forest sunset New Forest sunset (Image: Claire Sheppard)

We are very fortunate to have this national park right on our doorstep.

Comprising of unspoiled woodland, river valleys, and heathland, the New Forest is home to deer, ponies, and cattle.

Hidden gems

Daily Echo: God's House TowerGod's House Tower (Image: God's House Tower)

People are quick to judge a book by its cover, and Southampton is no exception.

It’s not only a place to shop or visit on a cruise, but rather, it's home to countless hidden gems.

I previously mentioned God’s House Tower, which is unrivalled when it comes to city views, arts and heritage events, and tasty treats.

The music scene in Southampton is also worth a mention, with venues like The Joiners and The 1865 popular amongst gig lovers.

Great transport links

Daily Echo:

We all want to leave the city at some point, so we’re lucky enough to have excellent transport links at our disposal.

From trains to coaches and planes to buses, there are plenty of ways to get out and explore other places.

The people

Daily Echo:

And finally, the most important one of all, the people.

The people of Southampton truly makes the city what it is.

We all may despair at Southampton FC and the countless potholes on our roads, but we are a passionate and kind community that embraces diversity and history.