THE UNIVERSITY of Southampton is set to roll out the third version of its globally used clinical research management system, EDGE. 

The third version of the cloud-based system, which was created over 20 years ago, has already been rolled out in South Africa and New Zealand. 

But now it is set to launch on May 15 with plans to roll it out across the UK, Belgium, Canada and India over the next six months. 

The EDGE Programme offers purpose-built management software and provides research professionals with fast access to real-time data.

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It enables users to track and manage studies from start to finish as well as providing complete control and oversight of recruitment.

It is currently used by research professionals such as data managers and research analysts, but is also highly used by clinical staff such as research nurses, clinical trial assistants, principle investigators and chief investigators.

Carly Ringrose, Cancer Research Sister, Southampton Cancer Research UK, said: "The EDGE system helps us deliver gold standard care day to day.

"It allows us to access information on any of our trials from wherever we are in a timely manner and we know that the information we are accessing is the current approved version.

"Not only is this time saving but it ensures that we are collecting the specific data that is needed and helps prevent errors.”