Holly Willoughby has published a lengthy statement to her fans in her first Wylde Moon newsletter since a rumoured ‘feud’ with Phillip Schofield surfaced.

The two appeared on ITV This Morning together on Monday for the first time since the rumour emerged, though neither directly addressed the situation.

Writing in her latest Wylde Moon, Holly said: “How can it already be the middle of May? Seriously…how has that happened!?! It feels like only yesterday that I was writing my New Year’s intentions, yet here we are almost at the half way mark!"

She added: “The older I get, the more I appreciate how daunting the concept of time passing can be.

Daily Echo: Holly and Phil present ITV This Morning and Dancing On Ice togetherHolly and Phil present ITV This Morning and Dancing On Ice together (Image: PA)

“I can always remember my nan saying things like ‘wait ‘til you get to my age…then it really starts flying by’– and I now I really get it. If this resonates with you, I wanted to share some advice one of my friends gave me when we were talking about this exact thing.

"She told me that instead of worrying how quickly it’s going, we should look at things differently and appreciate that with every moment (big or small) that passes, we're creating a future filled with joy, love, and endless possibility.

“If we can remember to reflect on just how lucky we are to be making all these memories, the passage of time can feel really positive.

"It’s a bit like that old saying, ‘Time is a luxury that the wise appreciate.’

Daily Echo: The pair have hosted ITV This Morning together since 2014The pair have hosted ITV This Morning together since 2014 (Image: PA)

"This week, we are graced with a magnificent New Moon, heralding a period of rejuvenation. It’s the perfect time to establish new affirmations, construct vision boards, and dedicate your attention to manifesting your goals.

“Allow the creative energies to surge within you, and stretch your imagination to embrace its most extravagant dreams."

Rumours of the rift between Holly and her co-presenter of 14 years emerged last week, with a source suggesting the pair were “barely talking” and that Holly would be happy to present ITV This Morning without Phillip.

Breaking his silence on the rumours, Phillip Schofield told The Sun: “The last few weeks haven’t been easy for either of us.

"My family went through a real ordeal. As I have said before, Holly is my rock.

“We're the best of friends - as always, she is an incredible support on screen, behind the scenes and on the phone. Holly has always been there for me through thick and thin, and I've been there for her.

"Holly's support throughout meant the world to me, as did the support of my bosses at ITV, my editor Martin Frizell and the whole This Morning family, including our amazing followers."

A source had told The Sun previously: “Holly adores This Morning and for the first time in 14 years she has made it clear that should Phil ever leave she would want to stay. They are separate entities.

“To those around them on set, it has become clear recently that Holly and Phil are not as close as they once were.

“Professionally you would have no idea there was anything going on because on camera they are acting exactly the same. But behind the scenes their relationship has cooled.

“Before there would be a lot of banter and camaraderie off camera but that has dwindled.

“Holly and Phil have gone through rough patches before like any professional pairing who have worked together for over a decade. Before they have always seemed to move on, but this time it seems different.”