CAMPAIGNERS have said Suella Braverman’s plans are "an affront to human decency" after fixing a fake blue plaque to her constituency office claiming she’s on ‘the wrong side of history’.

The charity Freedom from Torture attached a parody blue plaque on the Fareham Conservative Association (FCA) building in response to her Illegal Migration Bill.

The sign claimed that the Home Secretary is "on the wrong side of history" and she "closed the door on people seeking safety in their hour of greatest need".

A Freedom from Torture spokesperson said Mrs Braverman’s plans "are an affront to human decency and leave no doubt in our minds that she is on the wrong side of history".

Daily Echo: Home Secretary, Suella Braverman with campaigning with Conservative leader Cllr Daniel Fitzhenry in Southampton.Home Secretary, Suella Braverman with campaigning with Conservative leader Cllr Daniel Fitzhenry in Southampton. (Image: Daniel Fitzhenry.)

They added: "From cramming refugees onto floating detention centres and ex-military bases, forcing refugees to stay in unlivable conditions in Manston, to unapologetically using dehumanising language when describing refugees, Braverman’s legacy will be remembered for her continued attempts to undermine international rules introduced after the Holocaust and her disdain for helping refugees.

"As an organisation that works with survivors of torture, we know that many people have no choice but to use irregular routes to reach safety, often risking their lives to do so. Many have described it as like fleeing a burning house.

"Braverman should abandon plans set out in the Illegal Migration Bill that intend to punish refugees. Instead, she should tackle the unacceptable backlog of asylum claims, ensure there are functioning safe routes to the UK, and guarantee that all those who arrive here seeking sanctuary receive a fair hearing and the protection they need regardless of how they have travelled."

Fareham Conservative Association condemned the campaign, which they described as "petty vandalism carried out by a radical protest group, clearly motivated for PR attention".

"The group promptly removed the plaque once they became aware of CCTV surveillance footage capturing their actions.

"The claims made on the plaque are entirely misleading and false. It is factually incorrect to assert that Suella ever “closed the door” on any refugee scheme.

"The FCA firmly stands behind our dedicated local MP and her ongoing endeavours to address the issue of illegal small boats, which pose a significant risk to human lives.

"The new legislation will break the business model of the people smuggling gangs. We extend our full support for the proposed “Illegal Migration Bill” in tackling this pressing concern."

The Illegal Migration Bill could change the law so that anyone who illegally enters the UK would be detained and removed either to their home country or a third country.

The bill is currently passing through the House of Lords where the Archbishop of Canterbury branded it as "morally unacceptable".

Fareham MP Suella Braverman’s office was approached for comment.