WHETHER it’s visiting Southampton’s historic walls, retracing the city’s links to the Titanic or simply passing through to board a luxury cruise liner, many visitors and residents will have fond memories of exploring the city.

However, there are some people who aren’t so easily pleased.

From the Bargate being labelled an “unofficial public toilet” to Tudor House being coined a “theme park with creaky floorboards”, here are four overly (and unjustly) harsh TripAdvisor reviews of Southampton.


Daily Echo: The Bargate, Southampton

Formerly the main gateway to the city, the Grade I listed building has stood the test of time after being constructed by the Normans. Now a scheduled monument, the eye-catching structure is a familiar site to many of the city’s inhabitants.

However, one TripAdvisor user took to the site to write: “The Bargate is the poster boy for Southampton, the picture is everywhere.

“It is a very recognisable image, even seen on the city badge. But the city’s fathers have not utilised this medieval fortress/town gate - everything is locked shut and there’s no information boards either.

“It looks, and is, run down, surely the city authorities can obtain some funding and preserve this bit of history, whilst making it accessible to the public? Currently it is little more an unofficial public toilet.”

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Tudor House and Garden

Daily Echo: Tudor House in Southampton

Southampton’s oldest museum, Tudor House and Garden, captures 800 years of history in the old town.

Though one visitor didn’t quite see it the same way as they wrote: “I do not like leaving negative reviews but was very disappointed by my visit.

“For me, what the Victorians did not wreck with overzealous 'restoration', the latest 21st century vandals have completed. How they have got away with this level of intervention in what is presumably a listed building is beyond me.

“I might just as well have visited a theme park with creaky floorboards. Perhaps this is what visitors expect now but as someone who lives in an old house (admittedly only 300 years old) it felt that the house was just a pastiche.”

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Medieval Merchant’s House

Daily Echo:

The 13th century building that was built by merchant, John Fortin is in more modern times in the care of English Heritage after it barely remained intact during German bombing in the Second World War.

One recent TripAdvisor review of the tourist attraction states: “It pains me to give this one star, but I simply couldn’t score it any higher.

“It was just as well we’re English Heritage members as £5 is far too much when the most amount of time you’ll spend here is in the toilet!

“There isn’t anything worth seeing. One room was completely empty, and the rest had very little in there and nothing of interest; not even any information whatsoever. This place does have the potential to be a lot better, but until then, I’d save yourself 10 minutes and £5.”

Titanic walking tour

Daily Echo: Titanic events in Southampton

History buffs from all over the world travel to Southampton to immerse themselves in the city where the Titanic set sail on its fateful voyage.

However, one family from France took to TripAdvisor to complain that their Titanic walking tour guide didn’t speak French…

The disgruntled customer wrote: “(Our tour guide) was a nice person but, he can't speak French!

“We also got confused when we booked the visit, we expected the official museum and we ended up visiting the city with someone who had spent some time in Canada and pretended to speak French, sorry, but you don't.

“When you prepare a visit, please check all the specific words or proper nouns beforehand, I had to translate ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ to my friends and so many other words.”