Nobody should be surprised by the experience of gridlock in Southampton.

We are a large city with large shopping facilities, a large cruise terminal and a large but underdeveloped tourist potential, as well as a busy commercial port.

Despite this, we are no closer to getting a proper park and ride scheme than we were when we first asked for this nearly 30 years ago.

Opportunities to use suitable land on the edges of the city have come and gone, but councils of whatever hue have done nothing, preferring to bicker endlessly over minor matters.

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At this recent election, the Tories wasted the opportunity whinging over potholes and bus lanes. If Labour were in opposition, they would have whinged over potholes and cycle lanes.

The Lib Dems did nothing either.

Now the opportunity of grants and such from national Government are gone for perhaps a generation. Woe to the people of Southampton!

Martyn Dowell