CANDIDATES have been named in an election sparked by the tragic death of a candidate.

Nineteen people are vying for three seats in Southampton City Council’s Coxford ward, which is still up for grabs after the initial vote was abandoned.

Conservative candidate Graham Galton died on May 4, leading to the city council scrapping the ballot.

The new election for the Coxford ward is due to take place on June 22.

The new candidate list for Coxford is almost twice as large as the original list.

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Every party has a substantial number of members still available to try and get a seat at Southampton City Council.

The breakdown of the candidate list is three Labour, three Conservative, three Liberal Democrat, three Green, three TUSC, three Reform and one independent.

David Howarth Chapman – Liberal Democrats

Ken Darke – Liberal Democrats

Peter Graham Galton – Liberal Democrats

Vikkie Cheng – Conservatives

Diana June Galton – Conservatives

Paul James Patrick Nolan – Conservatives

Joanne Steve Clements – Greens

Ash Phillips – Greens

Ronald Nicholas Meldrum – Greens

Declan Clune – Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

Maggie Fricker – Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

Ali Haydor – Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

Anthony John Adhikary – Reform UK

Philip Edward Crook – Reform UK

John Peter Edwards – Reform UK

Rebecca May Mccreanor – Labour

Matt Renyard – Labour

Beccy Ruddick – Labour

Ed Surridge – independent