A duo who started their singing career on the streets of Southampton are excited to step on a home stage.

Father and son band The Henrys will be taking to the stage at the Hanger Farm Arts Centre on Thursday night.

This comes after the pair, both named Henrique Machado - aged 24 and 54 – were invited to play at the Cavern Club in Liverpool in August as part of International Beatles Week.

But The Henrys are excited to perform on home soil before travelling up north.

They said: “Our journey from busking to performing at venues like the Hanger Farm Arts Centre has been an incredible musical evolution.

“We are grateful for the opportunities that have allowed us to grow as musicians and connect with audiences.

“We are eagerly looking forward to our gig at the Hanger Farm Arts Centre, where we'll showcase our passion for The Beatles.

“We are really happy that we are able to do this to so many people who have supported us the last few years.”

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Both said the support received from the Southampton community has been ‘absolutely amazing.’

The Henrys said: “From the locals who embraced our music while busking, to the passionate fans eagerly anticipating our performances, we are deeply grateful for their unwavering support.

“Their enthusiasm fuels our passion, and we are thrilled to bring our music to audiences.

“There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy audience.”

Speaking on their upcoming gig, the pair added: “People can expect a captivating and nostalgic musical experience.

“We'll showcase our vocal harmonies and skilled guitar performances, transporting the audience back to the golden era of 60s Beatles mania.

“It will be a night filled with timeless melodies and a celebration of musical heritage.”