The majority of Hampshire MPs have voted to back the report that found Boris Johnson to have deliberately misled Parliament over Partygate.

Five out of the seven MPs who represent constituencies across the Southampton area voted to support the cross-party report.

The privileges committee’s report had found that Mr Johnson Committed repeated offences when he said Covid rules had been followed at 10 Downing Street.

Tory MPs, Paul Holmes, MP for Eastleigh and Caroline Nokes, MP for Romsey and Southampton North, voted in favour of the report.

Julian Lewis, Conservative MP for New Forest East and Steve Brine, Tory MP for Winchester and Chandler’s Ford, also voted to back to report.

Labour MP for Southampton Test, Alan Whitehead, also voted in support of the report.

Royston Smith, MP for Southampton Itchen, and Suella Braverman, MP for Fareham, abstained from the vote

The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly in support of the report, by 354 to seven.

In a Twitter post, MP for Eastleigh Mr Holmes said: “The reputation and mechanisms of Parliament are sacrosanct when dealing with punishments and policing of MPs' behaviour.

“That had to be protected and that is why I voted for the Privileges committee report tonight.”

Similarly, Mr Bine said: “For the avoidance of any doubt I will be voting to accept the report this evening and uphold the important constitutional principles of the democratic process.”

Mr Smith said: “I read the report from cover to cover. The only way we can be sure Boris Johnson ‘deliberately misled Parliament’ was if there was categoric evidence or to know what was in his head.

“From my reading, both were missing from the report. Further, why were we spending so much time talking about a former Prime Minister and former MP when we have so many other pressing issues to deal with?

"It may have allowed some bloodletting from the opposition and Boris Johnson’s enemies but I don’t believe it was especially productive.

“It changed nothing. Boris Johnson has gone, and he will remain gone.”