DUBBED the world's greatest rock n roll musical, this riveting tribute to the late great Buddy Holly has been doing the rounds of the globe's theatres since 1989.

Having seen it on at least five or six occasions over the years, I did wonder whether it might have started to age, having reached the ripe old age of 34.

But, if anything, this latest version Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story is more energetic, vibrant and youthful than any of its predecessors. 

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Christopher Weeks makes an astoundingly athletic Buddy, while I also adored the double bass gymnastics and the pelvic thrusts of Miguel Angel as Ritchie Valens. 

The superb lead splits the roles of Buddy and Niki Sullivan from The Crickets with AJ Jenks as this is not one you can perform eight times a week. He's virtually ever present on stage and looks very much at home as the rock n roll frontman in the imposing glasses.

Buddy tells the enduring tale of the musical icon’s meteoric rise from his country beginnings to international stardom and his legendary final performance at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, before his tragic death in a plane crash at the age of just 22.

Daily Echo: Christopher Weeks as Buddy Holly

In 18 short months, he revolutionised the face of contemporary music, and would later influence everyone from The Beatles to The Stones.

Dealing with such a short yet incredibly intense period, the show inevitably becomes somewhat of a concert.

The multi-talented musicians in the cast bring an appreciative audience, many of them dancing in the aisles clad in the Buddy-style spectacles being handed out, a terrific two and a half hours of Buddy classics including That'll Be The Day, Oh Boy, Everyday and Peggy Sue, as well as other hits of the time. 

Daily Echo: Christopher Chandler in Buddy

The show deals poetically with the elephant in the room, the fact we all know how this night ends and it's not pretty.

Having been seen by 22 million people worldwide, including many visits to Southampton over the years, there can't be many people who've missed it. But, if you've been hiding under a rock all these years, take a look. 

It’s an incredible testament to the power of the performer and the musical tribute to his life, both of which have endured for decades.