An unhappy customer who left a bizarre one-star review against a pub was left with egg on their face after staff hilariously hit back.

Managers and staff at the Burnt Post in Styvechale, Coventry were stumped when they noticed a negative review that slammed them for a 'lack of burnt post.'

After visiting the pub, the disappointed diner took aim at the lack of 'burnt post' at the popular diner - known for selling 'great quality, pub food in warm and welcoming surroundings', according to its website.

A spokesperson for The Burnt Post said there was 'only one way to respond' and posted a lengthy reply to the unhappy customer on Google Reviews.

Customers and social media fans were left howling at the response, while some called for the person who wrote the witty response to be given a raise.

The Burnt Post sarcastically posted: “We are sorry to hear we did not live up to your expectations, however being guest-focused we thought we would try and turn your experience around and maybe help you out, saving some time so other pubs do not disappoint."

They then listed a number of pubs in the local area, and explained why the reviewer could be disappointed after trying them out.

The statement highlighted that staff at the Open Arms are 'unable to welcome you with 'Open Arms' on arrival every visit - because they can be especially busy during the summer. They quipped: “Green Man: We have yet to see any 'Green Men' there as of yet. Red Lion: No 'Lions' of any colour have been seen here.

“Phoenix: No flames of sightings of a 'Phoenix' have been recorded. Aardvark: Ants are safe here. Unicorn: My daughter lives in hope. The Bull's Head: Would be weird. Rainbow: Has been known but not every visit. However, these may be some suitable options: Painted Lady: A lovely barmaid with great tattoos. Bricklayers Arms: Only at 3pm on a Friday.”

A spokesman for The Burnt Post added: “We love receiving feedback good and bad. It is great for the team to get praise and for us to learn where we can improve. However, when we were given a one-star rating for there being 'no burnt post' on-site, we thought there was only one way to respond.”

Shortly after the eatery shared the response on Facebook, the reviewer amended their one-star rating, saying: “Although there is no burnt post, I have reviewed your response and it warrants an upgrade.”

Online users hailed the response from the company as simply 'brilliant.' Luke Titan Macca said: “Give the social media person a raise!” Paula Law said: “Absolute genius response!”

Suzie O'Brien said: “I love this!” Wayne Moore wrote: “What a reply.” While Matthew Smith said: “Absolutely brilliant.”

The restaurant is ranked 22 out of 104 for 'quick bites' in Coventry, and on TripAdvisor, it is rated 4 out of 5 stars from 598 reviews. One recent reviewer, Leah H, wrote: "Great pub, with great food, drinks, and atmosphere. Run by an awesome team. We love our local! Even if there isn't a burnt post."

Another added: "It was a really great visit and I enjoyed the food and drinks we love coming to the burnt post the staff were all really welcoming as well. A third chimed in: Had a brilliant evening for the quiz the other night. Great food and excellent service from all the team. Will be back again soon!"