The weather might have put a dampener on the summer for many, but the showy hydrangea plants at Exbury Gardens have been positively blooming.

Thanks to the warm and damp conditions during one of the wettest Julys on record, Exbury’s collection of over 80 varieties of hydrangea is enjoying some of the best flowering in years.

Beautiful hydrangeas at the famous New Forest horticultural visitor attraction stretch around 300 metres, along its main drive and through a dedicated hydrangea walk. This was replanted in 2021, with many eye-catching and unusual varieties.

Daily Echo: Declan Belcher and Emma Bouchard in the hydrangeas at Exbury Gardens

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The woodland garden conditions of dappled shade and moist, well-drained soil, are perfect for this stunning late summer shrub which boasts different flower shapes and colours - pinks, blues, purples and dark reds.

Head gardener Tom Clarke said: "We love hydrangeas at Exbury as they enjoy the same growing conditions as rhododendrons and azaleas which our woodland gardens are obviously famous for. They give a fantastic display throughout mid to late summer."

Daily Echo: Gardener Declan Belcher amongst the hydrangeas at Exbury Gardens