A Chinese restaurant where customers are served by robots is proving popular on campus at the University of Southampton.

The Centenary Restaurant's robo-servers take orders from diners, bring out the food - and can even sing for them.

Owner Xingang Xu and his wife and co-owner, Fengyue Liu, opened the business in June.

The robots are being used in China to help restaurant staff during busy peak hours, the couple said.

Fengyue said: "The customers have fallen in love with the robots and find them so interesting.

"Most people have not seen robots being used to serve food - we are certainly the first in Southampton.

"Many restaurants are too small to have robots and they struggle to move around in tight spaces but this is no problem for us. 

"The robots are so advanced, they even tell us off when we push them out the way."

The restaurant, in Salisbury Road, serves authentic and traditional Chinese dishes.

At lunchtime, the restaurant serves a buffet - with the price based on weight.

From 5pm, customers can enjoy traditional dining from a set menu.  

Fengyue said: "We use spice and oils to create our authentic Chinese traditional cuisine.

"The students and residents that have come here have loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and our unique food. 

"Our sweet and sour pork, baked lamb chops and Sichuan boiled fish have been very popular with customers."

Seaweed soup and rice are also served free with all meals.

The restaurant also has its very own bubble tea bar. Bubble tea is a cold tea made with milk and small flavoured balls of tapioca.

The drink is very popular in China and growing in popularity in the UK. The restaurant only uses natural ingredients in its drinks rather than artificial powders. 

Xingang and Fengue also own Lime Bar in Lodge Road and the Garden restaurant in High Road.

The couple were approached by the University of Southampton due to the success and popularity of their other bars and venues in the city.

The restaurant does cater for dietary requirements, but customers are asked to inform diners ahead of ordering.