CAPTAIN Sandy, the star of hit TV series Below Deck Mediterranean, is to appear at Southampton International Boat Show as she brings her live show to the city. 

She will be at the boat show on Thursday September 21 and Sunday September 24, the same day she has two shows at MAST Mayflower Studios. 

There will be a meet and greet opportunity, a short talk and interview on the Boat Show’s main stage and a book signing of Be The Calm or Be The Storm which will be available for purchase.

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At Captain Sandy Live, Sandy Yawn will share everything fans want to know about life at the helm, from the stunning locations and pinpoint precision parking to the never-ending drama onboard the superyacht.

"The first show sold out," she says, referring to the stint she did in London’s West End last year, "and people actually flew in from Amsterdam and all over. The atmosphere was great. It wasn’t one of those quiet things. People listen to the Q&A, so everyone’s respectful, but they’re all laughing having a good time and it’s such a buzzing atmosphere.

"And since Below Deck is very popular in the UK, we thought we should do it again. There’s something about the TV show that really grabs people because it’s not just about the drama; we’re also a travel show and it highlights what it’s like to work on a superyacht."

The subject of her wild youth often comes up in the audience question and answer section – as well as questions on pirates, fires on board, encounters with war ships, motorcycle crashes, beating cancer, dealing with drunken crew members and people overboard.

Daily Echo: Captain Sandy Live

Captain Sandy's profile has led to a book, part life-story, part inspirational tale. 

"I had no idea when I got on this TV show - and I didn’t seek it, it landed in my lap - where it would lead," she added.

"It was the fans who decided that I was a great role model in leadership, not me. But I didn’t want a text book, I wanted a story. It’s leadership and self-leadership but it also highlights a lot about my personal life and how I transformed."