AN endangered Grevy's zebra foal has been born at Marwell Zoo. 

The new arrival, born to mother Ellen and father Angus, delighted guests, who arrived shortly after the early hours birth. 

The foal was seen getting to grips with walking in the Wild Explorers area.

In the wild, Grevy’s zebras are found in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia where there are fewer than 2,000 still in existence, owing to habitat loss, drought and poaching.

Ellen and her foal are part of the European Ex-situ breeding programme which aims to ensure a healthy population of Grevy’s Zebra in captivity.

Marwell Wildlife holds the studbook for Grevy’s zebras, meaning conservationists in Hampshire are responsible for managing the breeding programme.

Tanya Langenhorst, Conservation Biologist at Marwell Wildlife, said: "Currently the European ex situ programme (EEP) for the Grevy’s zebra has very low numbers and the birth of any Grevy’s zebra foal is therefore very much needed and welcome."

Zebras are pregnant for 12-13 months and foals are able to stand within an hour.