I agree whole heartedly with John Edwards recent letter on August 24 on the ineffective local council which Labour hold the majority.

This has continually been the case over many years Labour have been voted in and our council is continually in debt and as stated the council hid the facts before the election and the leader was there before and voted in after.

I consider those responsible should resign no matter what position they hold.

I noted Mr Edwards was a Reform party candidate and I long for the day when we can have an alternative to Labour and Conservative.

I have to say one point I know for a fact the council was challenged by the Conservative and Liberals combined and managed to successfully overrule some decisions - well done to those councillors.

Trouble is this day and age many facts and figures are found to be inaccurate which investigative journalists have reported, not their fault.

All figures are given out by spin doctors.

To those involved it is our money you are misusing not your own: you have been voted in to represent us with an economical attitude and the leader of that time should be made personally responsible.

The buck stops at your door as leader.

I would like to add in today's mail many Labour councils are in debt.

They play with our money and say they are making cuts - mainly with the vulnerable in our communities, the elderly, young, and disabled.

Not acceptable and I say this with personal experience.

Christine Cassell